About us

De Wingerd is a Leuven (Louvain) based small-scaled housing project for people with dementia.

Mission statement

A house on the outskirts of the city
where people with dementia are embraced
as they are on the road together
looking for quality of life in all its forms
each from their own experiences, with their own stories.

We do this by:

day by day
together and from your own space
keeping family relations
with and among people
who care for you and support you
with your past and your present

again and again
with an ear for each other
with an eye for the world
of neighbors and visitors
finding ways
for collaborators
to stay themselves afoot
while helping others
fully committing

to support each other
in carrying out what we profess
and professing what we carry out
always choosing for humans in all their vulnerability

Embodying the reality of warm care and solidarity.


  • 1982: one of the first nursinghomes in Belgium specialising in dementia
  • 1993: additional services, daycare centre and careflats for couples
  • 1999: start Centre of Expertise on Dementia
  • 2007: collaboration with other nursing homes in the region
  • 2009: new-built nursing home, designed to fit principles of small-scaled housing
  • 2016: additional units for young people with dementia


  • Integration & Participation
    every person remains a citizen, a valuable individual in our society
  • Controle your pace of life
    organisations adapt to the individuals, individuals don’t adapt to organisations
  • Quality of relations
    relatives as a proximate, as experts and as care recipients
  • Quality of life
    adding life to the days, not just days to your life…
  • Autonomie & Shelter
    incurability demands extra caressibility